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It does not take long to figure out that workers and their employers do not have the same interests. Workers want shorter hours, higher pay and better benefits. We want our work to be less boring, less dangerous and less destructive to the environment. We want more control over how we produce goods and provide services. We want meaningful work that contributes to our communities and world.

Our employers, in contrast, want us to work longer, harder, faster and cheaper. They want fewer safety and environmental regulations, and they demand absolute control over all decisions, work schedules, speech and actions in the workplace.

You select your dues level based on your self-reported current monthly income. Your first month as a member will include an initiation fee that is the equivalent of your dues rate, so for your first month as a member you will pay twice your normal dues rate. (If you select an $11 dues rate, your first month’s payment will be $22, with each subsequent month being $11.)

  • $6 — if you are financially burdened by unemployment, underemployment, being a student, or other circumstances

  • $11 — if you make less than $2,000 per month

  • $22 — if you make between $2,000 and $3,500 per month

  • $33 — if you make more than $3,500 per month

Initiation fee is equal to one month’s dues.

Contact the local Delegate or Join online at IWW Red Card